James Warner Deardorff

Date of birth: August 28 1928

Date of death: December 28 2014

James W. Deardorff (Jim) died on 12/28/14 of lung cancer at the age of 86, despite never having smoked.

Jim was born on 8/28/28, the middle of three children to Ralph and Mary Deardorff in Seattle.  He was raised in Portland and graduated from Lincoln High School.  He spent his freshman year at Reed College then transferred to Stanford to participate in an NROTC scholarship. He spent his fourth year at UCLA studying all the prerequisites for graduate meteorology. After serving 3 years in the Navy he studied graduate meteorology courses at University of Washington, where he received his PhD in 1959. After working on an air-sea interaction project at U of W, he obtained a job at the newly established National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO in 1962.

It was at UCLA where he first became involved with folk dancing, and at a dance at the U of W he met his wife, Leona. They were soon married and raised 3 daughters. Over the next 54 years they enjoyed folk dancing and hiking.  Leona preceded him in death in 2010.

Jim spent a rewarding 16 years at NCAR as a senior scientist specializing in thermal convection, turbulence and diffusion within the planetary boundary layer. In 1978 he left NCAR with his family for the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, where he was a research professor until taking early retirement in 1986. This freed up his time to pursue frontier topics such as the UFO phenomenon, which led to his further interest in biblical and reincarnation studies. He published numerous papers and books related to his research of these subjects.  His work in these fields can be viewed at his principal website: www.tjresearch.info.

His brother Don, sister Valerie, three daughters Ellen, Laila, Dana, grandchildren Michael and Kristine, survive him.

Per his wishes there will be no memorial service.

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Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Laila Deardorff Miss you! Hope you are in the light now.

Candle lit by Ellen Smiley

Candle lit by Casey & Michael Smiley

Candle lit by Nancy Winder

Candle lit by Dyson Devine Earth seems to have far too few people like Jim Deardorff, and he ranked near the top of my very short list of real living heroes. I never met him face-to-face, but knew him and loved him through his remarkably and enduring work, as well as our warm, albeit sporadic, personal correspondence over the last 13 years. Jim obviously had quite a significant place in history seemingly assisted by a team of very wise and loving people. And I'm pretty sure tears – largely of celebration of Jim's good, long and uniquely valuable life - are being shed among his many admirers on distant worlds throughout the Federation too. Thank you, Jim. Thank you. You will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

Candle lit by Michael Horn My sincere, heartfelt condolences. Jim was a really genuine, deep, thoughtful, caring man and I was very fortunate to have met and spent time with him over the years.

Candle lit by David Peace in wisdom to all who knew Jim...his books brought Truths to so many for so long, he was like the night sky, deep and clear...and will be remembered for lifetimes.

Candle lit by Mahesh Karumudi He was at the top of my list of persons to meet before I die. Miss you, Jim.

Candle lit by Bob Reid Jim Deardorff brought unprecedented credence to the reality of "outside" involvement in human evolution. His careful correlation of the Talmud Jmannuel to the Gospel of Matthew in his book Celestial Teachings remains one of the most important (--however poorly recognized) contributions to human knowledge. we will miss his counsel and guidance.

Candle lit by Lisa Smiley Prayers for Jim's daughters; Ellen being my sister-in-law.

Candle lit by Bob Foster His light will shine so very brightly for a long time. He has done such good for humanity in his quest for truth and knowledge. Thank you Jim, I regret not having met you. My heartfelt condolences to his survivors. Bob F.

Candle lit by Chuck Ryer Farewell to a good friend and fellow dancer who, along with Leona, graced our country dance group for many years. I'm confident that he is in the light.

Candle lit by Weis Nicolas

Candle lit by Mark A. Leaver Thank You

Candle lit by Bruce Lulla The man had courage. He used his intellect in courage with a thoroughness and thoughtfulness, honesty and integrity that shines on through his work and life. Well done and thank you!

Candle lit by someone Your work has helped the mission.

Candle lit by Keith Rowell It was always a pleasure being around Jim. He was always unfailingly kind, considerate, and thoughtful. We met in the 1980s through our mutual interest in UFOs. I always admired the thoroughness of his research and very much appreciated his courage as an academically connected scholar. Few establishment scholars or scientists even today understand what Jim had long understood about UFOs. The world would be a much better place if there were more kind and courageous individuals like Jim was.

Candle lit by Piyali Ganguly I have never met Jim Deardorff, but would have so loved to meet with him. His book the "Celestial Teachings", contributed invaluable insights into the "Talmud Jmmanuel Von Judas Ischkeriot", for me, for which I am deeply grateful. My heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones.

Candle lit by Dana Deardorff Dad, I miss you

Candle lit by Elizalde Roa Thank you for all you have done for sharing the knowledge, you will be missed in this life.

Candle lit by Shawn Bineau Mankind's future has received a greater chance for its survival because of Jim's wisdom and efforts, thank you.

Candle lit by Pushpa Devi Uncle Jim was always a light in my day on his bike when we ran into each other on the OSU campus. Always a warm sweet smile to greet me.

Candle lit by James Moore

Candle lit by Richard F. Haines The serious study of unidentified atmospheric phenomena takes a lot of creativity and even more courage these days in light of the widely pervading skepticism and naive denial of its reality. Jim had that creativity and courage and set a wonderful example for the rest of us to follow. I will miss you Jim.

Candle lit by Stefan Zutt History will prove the importance of his work.

Candle lit by Jim was a true hero in my sight . He was a rare soul who found the truth and made it clearer for others to find and understand. My sincere regards to his family in your time of loss .

Candle lit by Vibka Wallder Thank you for your great work!

Candle lit by Errol Bruce-Knapp Jim was a regular contributor to my UFO UpDates List from 1997 to 2009. His posts were always well-considered, concise and helpful on a subject that has long been taboo both to science and main-stream media. A brave man now sorely missed. Thanks for everything, Jim...

Candle lit by Savio Chan Your valuable research in the Talmud Jmmanuel pointing new direction for man kind, thank you.

Candle lit by Norm :(

Candle lit by Brock Bradford Thank you Jim for the wonderful work....

Candle lit by Subhabrata Mukhuti Jameas Deardorff's Seminal work's true appreciation can only be expected from future generations. My heartfelt condolence.

Candle lit by Ferdinand Suzara

Candle lit by Patrick McKnight Jim and his life of discovery and sharing will live on in those that were self-inspired through his works.

Candle lit by Matt Hurley After exchanging emails for a number of years I had the great pleasure of meeting Jim in 2004. A gentle, mild mannered soul. He approached the Meier case with intelligence and enthusiasm.

Candle lit by Something of a unique person not afraid of searching for the truth irrespective of where his enquiries might lead or how controversial his findings might be.

Candle lit by Barreto See you in our next life dear friend and friend of the real truth Jim Deardorff. Saalome in Ewigkeit.

Candle lit by Ellen O'Shea Truly an inspired thoughtful person. A great contribution to humanity

Candle lit by Michael Downey Wonderful and gentle man with such an inquisitive mind. Met him through our interest in ufology. Peace to you in your next journey.

Candle lit by Dale Gillete With gratitude to a wonderful scientist and a wise and generous man.

Candle lit by Laura Arcidiacono I will miss you at folk dancing, Jim. You lead the dance in more ways than one.

Candle lit by Sonya Pinney Jim was my help and inspiration in learning folk dancing in my later years. I enjoyed, too, the good lectures we shared and our meeting of minds. A lasting memory will be seeing the joy and pride in Jim's face as his daughter, Laila, joined him in some of our last folk dancing. I will miss your friendship, Jim, but happily think of you in a greater realm of truth and light.

Candle lit by Sonia Connolly Thank you for sharing your warmth, kindness, and skill across several dance groups. I miss you in all of them.

Candle lit by Charles Dickens I, a college freshman at the time, was Jim's roommate at UCLA in 1950 - 1951 when he was studying meteorology. We met again in the early 1960's at Univ. of Washington shortly after he earned his Ph.D. We exchanged e-mails about five years ago. Jim was a friend, one I admired, a gentleman and a scholar. My condolence to his family.

Candle lit by Mij Shippen A spritely spirit, I enjoyed his company during Meier lectures, joining in his theological email group discussions and kind encouragement as a friend. A solid anchor in my world, his loving presence is cherished in memory.

Candle lit by Anton Hahnekamp It had been an honour for me to know a scientist who was in research of the truth. I was glad to see that he had been, despite of his age, in email contact with a lot of like-minded people and bringing light to the Meier case. Thank you.

Candle lit by Xu Zhang

Candle lit by Joel Forbess I am late finding this tribute page and sad that I did not know of Jim’s passing. I had the opportunity to get to know Jim in the early 80’s. I was inspired by his passion for learning and never ceasing curiosity about everything. My (late) condolences to Ellen, Dana and Laila. You all are an important part of my history.

Candle lit by Feimin Zhang

Candle lit by Ficino

Candle lit by Eric Klien Jim was one of our favorite board members and is now on our Board Memorial at https://lifeboat.com/ex/board.memorial